Josiah Spode II (1754-1827) and The Mount Estate (Penkhull)



The location of the carriageway to The Mount



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From the lodge in Princes Road it is not possible to walk up the old carriageway as this is now built over and is occupied by building of the hospital.

So to get to the Mount we walk up Princes Road (which was a field when the Mount was built in 1802-3; see 1832 map on the introduction page) and turn right into Mount Avenue (the name of which is obvious) - almost opposite Mount Avenue is Frederick Avenue which was named after Frederick Bishop who purchase the Mount Estate in 1856 and started to develop it in 1859.

At the end of Mount Avenue is the entrance to The Mount (currently -2000- still a school for deaf children) - walking up the drive we find on the right this row of trees which was part of the carriageway to Princes Road. (see 1875 plan of The Mount)


Location of the carriageway to the Lodge in Princes Road
Location of the carriageway to 
the Lodge (
which is in Princes Road)


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