Josiah Spode II (1754-1827) and The Mount Estate (Penkhull)



 'To Let' advert in 1838 newspaper


The house is also described in the following advertisement which appeared in the Staffordshire Advertiser on the 24th of November 1838.

It was placed by Mary Spode, the widow of Josiah Spode III, who was in the process of moving to another house at Armitage in the south of the county. The Mount was built by the Spode family but it was occupied by them for only 34 years.



For a term of years, (furnished or unfurnished), and to be entered upon at Lady-day next,

A Capital first-rate MANSION, with an handsome entrance Lodge, called The MOUNT, eligibly situated in STAFFORDSHIRE.

This most desirable residence is spacious and convenient, as may be seen from the following brief statement. 

It comprises excellent cellars of good temperature for wine, ground floor, spacious double entrance hail, with handsome stone staircase, dining room, 27 feet by 18 feet, drawing-room, 26 feet by 24 feet, billiard room and library, 24 feet by 18 feet, and breakfast room, 18 feet by 18 feet, all 12 feet 6 inches high.

The bed-room floor contains a delightful morning room, with bow window, seven principal bed rooms, to several of which dressing rooms are attached, and a suitable number of convenient sleeping rooms for servants. The domestic offices, which are quite commensurate, adjoin the house, and are equally well built. The stables, coach houses, and harness room, form two sides of a well paved and enclosed yard. Large walled Gardens, stocked with choice fruit trees, in full bearing, hothouse, pinery, green-house, and excellent ice-house. The pleasure grounds are extensive, and tastefully laid out, and include an ornamental sheet of water.

This delightful abode, replete with every convenience, is fully adapted to the accommodation of a highly respectable family. It stands upon an eminence, and commands extensive views, including the park, woods, and ornamental grounds of Trentham, Butterton, and Keel. The roads are good in every direction; situated within two miles of Newcastle-under-Lyme; 150 miles from London; and 6 from the Grand Junction Railway station at Whitmore; about 120 acres of Land, together with 9 labourers' cottages, and convenient farm buildings, will be let, if desirable, to a tenant.

Staffordshire Advertiser -  24th of November 1838.

The only information we have about the furnishings in the house comes from a sale of part of the contents which took place in 1839 on the departure of Mary Spode. Some of the items described in an extract from the Staffordshire Advertiser.



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