Josiah Spode II (1754-1827) and The Mount Estate (Penkhull)



  The furnishings in The Mount


The only information we have about the furnishings in the house comes from a sale of part of the contents which took place in 1839 on the departure of Mary Spode. Some of the items are described in the following extract from the Staffordshire Advertiser, 7th December 1839. They were probably purchased for the new house by Josiah Spode II and inherited on his death by Josiah Spode III.



On the premises at THE MOUNT, in the Staffordshire Potteries, on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday (if necessary), the 10th, 11th and 12th days of December, 1839;

Part of the elegant and valuable HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, and other Effects, the property of Mrs SPODE, who is changing her residence,

- comprising a beautiful Rosewood DRAWING ROOM SUITE, consisting of 12 rosewood chairs, covered with crimson velvet, an elegant sofa couch, richly carved drawing room commode, with crimson silk doors and glass back, rosewood chiffonier, ditto fire screens, with crimson silk, a beautiful rosewood loo table, pair of card tables, rosewood work table, with crimson bag, set of quartetto tables (en suite.) 

The DINING ROOM consisting of handsome mirror, in gilt frame, three sets of moveen window curtains, mahogany chairs, large folding screen, handsome pedestal sideboard, mahogany slide screen, covered with damask, two mahogany couches, pair of footstools, &c, &c. A powerful rich-toned Cottage PIANO-FORTE, by Clementi.

The SITTING ROOMS comprise several mahogany Pembroke and other tables, neatly painted chairs; with cane seats, backs, and hair cushions, venetian blinds, handsome chimney glass, in gilt frame, 5 feet 2 inches by 2 feet 2 inches, various steel and other fenders, fire irons, window curtains and gilt cornice, carpets, mahogany chairs, mahogany chiffoniers, two sets of book shelves, &c, &c.

The BED ROOMS consist of handsome four-post bedsteads, with dimity and chintz hangings, mattresses, bed steps, dressing glasses in handsome mahogany frames, chests of drawers, dressing and wash tables, carpets, window curtains and cornice, chairs, fenders, &c, &c. Also an excellent barrel ORGAN, large-sized desk, with drawers, suitable for an office, upwards of 40 glass bottles, a very handsome grate, with steel front, steel fenders and dust pan, a capital mash tub, capable of mashing 36 bushels, in good condition, with sundry kitchen requisites.
The Sale to commence each day at 12 o'clock.

The Auctioneer begs to observe that the furniture is in very high preservation, and may be viewed on Monday, the 9th instant, by ticket only, which may be had on application to Mr. JOHNSON, Auctioneer, Sytch House, Burslem, Staffordshire Potteries.

Staffordshire Advertiser, 7th December 1839


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