Josiah Spode II (1754-1827) and The Mount Estate (Penkhull)



  Entertainment at The Mount


The house and its contents were shown off to visitors who appear to have been entertained in a lavish style. 


One large party was held in November, 1809, to celebrate the marriage of Josiah Spode's daughter to George Wheildon, of the Inner Temple, London. 

Enoch Wood, the potter, who was present at another entertainment in the following year records in his diary:

"23 November 1810. Dined at the Mount at Mr Spode's, the most splendid and sumptuous entertainment I ever attended. No intoxication." 

Thomas Caldwell, a solicitor, who was also present, writes: 

"November 23, 1810. Dined at Mr Spode' s with a large party where we partook of a most sumptuous entertainment accompanied with every mark of kindness and hospitality."

Others arrived uninvited. The Staffordshire Advertiser reported in September 1830: 

"On the night of Sunday last, or early on Monday morning, some daring offenders entered the garden of Josiah Spode, Esq., at the Mount, near Newcastle, and broke into his vinery, conveying off a considerable quantity of fine grapes, and at the same time doing much injury to the vines; they also plucked a quantity of his walled fruit, and damaged the trees. Mr Spode has offered a reward of twenty guineas for the discovery of the deprecators, which we hope will produce the desired effect, in order that they may be brought to punishment."

Staffordshire Advertiser - September 1830


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