Josiah Spode II (1754-1827) and The Mount Estate (Penkhull)




  Sale of the contents of Penkhull Farm in 1830



The Mount Estate was also an important agricultural estate which was cultivated in conjunction with Penkhull Farm leased by the Spode family from the Alsagers. 

The scale of the enterprise can be gauged by the contents of the auction which took place at Penkhull Farm after the death of Josiah Spode III in 1829. 

The advert below appeared in the Staffordshire Advertiser on the 27th February, 1830.



On the premises on Tuesday and Wednesday, the 2nd. and 3rd. day of March, 1830;

All the prime Dairy Cows, fat Bull, two teams of superior Waggon Horses, a pair of Carriage Horses, Grey Pony, Sheep, Goats, Pigs of excellent breed, valuable implements and carriages, four-horse power Threshing Machine, Stack Frames, with Stone and Iron Pillars, Dairy Vessels, Household Furniture, and other Effects, the property of the late JOSIAH SPODE, Esq.

Consisting of twenty prime in-calf dairy Cows, on good note, one fat bull, eight superior waggon horses, one pair of excellent carriage horses, one grey pony twelve hands one inch high, fifty-nine ewes in lamb, one ram, two goats, two high bred brawns, one sow with eight pigs, three in-pig sows, six stores, three broad and narrow-wheeled waggons, three broad-wheeled carts, one small cart, four wheelbarrows, two land rollers, one knife roller and cart, one ox harrow, one under draining plough, one double plough with wheels, four single ploughs, one potato plough, straw engine, straw cutter, capital machine fan, pair twins and shafts, turnip drill, potato scuffle, one capital four- power threshing machine complete in high preservation, a large number of excellent field, barn and garden tools of every description, two sets of ploughing tackle, gearing for ten horses, bends and chains, batch pad, a large number of sacks, beam, scales and weights, four waggon ropes, measures, grindstone, sheep cratch, wood and stone pig troughs, corn chests and coffers, potato washers, steaming boiler, turkey and chicken pens, cow trusses, two turnip unchoakers, one set of four-horse harness, one set of pair-horse harness, one set of gig harness, a number of saddles, bridles, &c., &c., too numerous to insert.

The Dairy Vessels - Consist of two excellent stone cheese presses (quite new), one wood cheese press, two dash churns, cheese tubs, vats, ladders and boards, milk coolers, salting tubs and breakers, large brass pan, small brass pan, cheese binders, milk pails, gawns, pans and cans, cream cheese vats and frame, two drying cheese shelves, butter scales and Weights, butter tubs and prints, bowls, four iron furnaces complete, benches, harvest bottles, twenty-four milk and cream earthenware vessels.

The Furniture - Comprises bedsteads and furniture, feather beds, blankets, sheets, quilts and covers, deal chest, eight days' clock in oakcase, weather glass, tables, stands and stools, oak dresser and shelves, Cupboards, chairs, bacon rack, Spinning wheel, grates, fenders and fire-irons, pots, kettles and pans, wash tubs, buckets, stillages and benches, pump cistern, meat safe, mortar and pestle, quantity of earthenware, trowls, cleaver, clothes horse. &c., &c.

Staffordshire Advertiser - 27th February, 1830.

Shortly afterwards the lease on Penkhull Farm was terminated and when Mary Spode left the Mount in 1839 most of the land around the house was let to James Ford who lived in the Mount Farm Yard. 

His widow, Mary Ford, was still in occupation at the time of the 1851 census when she is described as a farmer of 73 acres of land.


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