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Weatherby Giftware 1977 
To Commemorate The Silver Jubilee Of Queen Elizabeth II, giftware item. 
Measures 5" long by 4" wide. Trimmed in gold paint. 
Back reads in gold lettering: 
Durability Weatherby Hanley England Royal Falcon Ware.

5" diameter plate is made in England 
by Royal falcon ware. Weatherby Hanley. 

The ashtray measures 4 3/8" in diameter. Blue flowers decorate the rim of the ashtray on white ceramic. 

The Tower of London decorates the center with the words: Tower of London. 

Markings on the back are: London Pride in a banner, J.H. Weatherby & Sons Ltd, Hanley England, Reproduced from genuine hand engravings, and Made In Staffordshire, the home of fine English pottery.

Weatherby hotel ware. Cream and sugar in the wheat pattern. 


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