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hand-painted bowl with multi-coloured leaves is made by H.J. Wood ltd, Burslem England. The bowl is 9 3/4 inches wide and 4 inches deep with a number 1750 on the bottom.



Made by H.J Wood during the 1930's this vase has a distinctive Charlotte Rhead look, with pattern number 1768, and handpainted in the Indian Tree design to complement the handsome waisted shape.

It measure a generous 8" high,



H.J.Wood Burslem England Art Pottery Milk Pitcher, Hand painted leaves,floral, 6" tall.


Veronica Wheatland was a freelance modeller who produced the "tobys" shown below for the Wood factory.

This piece carries both the H J Wood and Wood & Sons marks so it must be from the period when Wood & Sons took over the business.



examples from the from the "sportsman" series
examples from the from the "sportsman" series


examples from the "pack of cards"  series
examples from the "pack of cards"  series




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