Coats of Arms and Crests from Stoke-on-Trent

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The arms of the Family of Sneyd of Keel


Sneyd Family Arms

The scythe is representative of the original  woodland nature of the district.

The Fleur-de-lys was granted for deeds done in the French wars under the Plantagenet Kings. 

Amongst others, the Sneyd family owned the large tract of land, in the parish of Burslem which bears the name of Sneyd.
Bradwell, in the Manor of Tunstall was formally the chief seat of the Sneyds.

Hence the scythe from the Sneyd farms is found in both the Tunstall and Burslem arms.

In 1310 Henry de Sneyde married Margaret the daughter and heiress of Nicholas de Tunstall.

Some of the immediate descendants were called "De Tunstall" otherwise Sneyd. But the alias was retained for only three or four generations.

on the Hamil of Sneyd