Jeremiah Yates


Yates, Jeremiah (1808-1852), potter, chartist, surveyor, b.Fenton, lived Hanley.
NOTE: J.Y. birth is given variously as 1808 or 1810 so his age at death was 42 or 44.

Jeremiah Yates

Acknowledgement: All of the research and transcription was carried out by Alan Yates,
the great-grandson of Jeremiah Yates the Chartist.


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Jeremiah Yates - an Introduction
Thomas Cooper and The Potteries
The Chartist Riots of 1842
Trial of Jeremiah Yates
Trial of Thomas Cooper
After the riots
After the release of Jeremiah Yates
The decline of Chartism
The Chartist Cooperative Land Association
Post script to Yates's Chartism
Yates death and obituary
Yates funeral
Background by Yates great grandson



father: Samuel Yates  father: William Smith
Jeremiah Yates wife:
Ann Smith

son: Jeremiah
daughters: Sarah; Mary


2 April 1808 Jeremiah Yates born  at Lane End (now named Longton), in the North Staffordshire Potteries
23 July 1837 Married  to Ann Smith at the parish church of St. John, Hanley. At this time Jeremiah was a potter.
Ann(e)'s father was William Smith, a labourer, of Vine Street, Shelton.
Jeremiah's father was Samuel Yates of Berry Street, Stoke.
11 Aug 1838 Meeting at the Sea Lion Inn, Hanley in support of the "People's Charter" which had been published in May 1838.
Nov 1838 Demonstration of 20,000 people in Hanley.
5 March 1839 1st Child - Sarah born. At this time Jeremiah was a potter and lived at "Upper Hanley". (Stafford Row, Crown Bank, Hanley) - also described as Miles Bank.
1841 2nd Child - 'Mary Frost O'Connor Matthew Yates' was born (the unusual name included the named of leading chartists. 
The Yate's house at Miles Bank was large enough to be a centre of Chartist activity. Is is described variously as a 'Coffee House' and 'Temperance Hotel'. Yates was a very active Chartist. 
Jeremiah Yates was selling Chartist literature and also 'Chartist Beverage', a cheap coffee substitute, from his Miles Bank home.
13 Aug 1842 Thomas Cooper (a leading Chartist from Leicester) visited Hanley to speak, he lodged at Yates home. 
15/16 Aug 1842 The miner were already on strike and at a Chartist meeting there was rioting and violence. 100's were arrested - including Jeremiah Yates and Thomas Cooper. 
8 Oct 1842 Jeremiah Yates tried at Stafford and found guilty of Riot & Intimidation. 
Oct 1842 Yates started the one year's imprisonment - (which was a light sentence.) - His wife Ann was already pregnant with their third child. 
4 Dec 1842 Their daughter Mary died from Whooping Cough.
17 Feb 1843  3rd Child - 'Jeremiah Hampden Fitzgerald Emmet Yates' was born.
Oct 1843 Yates completed his sentence and was released from prison. 
Jeremiah Yates was immediately involved in Chartist meetings and activities. 
1845 Jeremiah was elected to be a delegate to the Chartist Land Conference. 
1845 Jeremiah Yates was appointed the position of Surveyor of Highways.
Oct 1848 J.Y. elected as delegate to the National Land Company conference in Birmingham. 
11 Oct 1852 Jeremiah Yates died at his home the "Temperance Hotel", Crown Bank, Hanley; apparently from a fit.
17 Oct 1852 Public funeral at St. Mark's church, Shelton.





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