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Winton Square

Winton Terrace
Leek Road, Stoke


The stationmaster and many other of the North Staffordshire Railway Company employees lived on a new estate laid out south east of the railway station.

Upper and Lower Winton's Field between the Leek Road and the River Trent formed part of the glebe estate and was under the control of the patrons of St Peter's church. In 1859 the Rectory of Stoke-upon-Trent drew up a development plan for the land. Apart from the turnpike road there were 5 streets on the estate - Clyde, Havelock, Lawrence, Inglis and Wilson Streets - laid out on a gridiron pattern. The first houses were constructed in Winton Terrace facing the present Leek Road by 1857.

They were larger than the houses in the back streets and the facades had several architectural features including a stone string course and a columned entrance door. Their occupiers included James Robinson, the canal superintendent, and William Woolgar, the station master.



Winton Terrace



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