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The language of the Potteries .. or     "Ar ter toke crate"

North Staffordshire Dialect - Words and Phrases


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Ups-a-daisy "get up"  to a small child who has fallen.
Us nominative:  "Us all went to Trentham".
objective: "Give us a bit".
Possessive:  "Us had us suppers".
Use "tha hadstna use for be like this".
Uxeter,  Utcheter Uttoxeter  (place name)


Vandyke to dress the hair.


Walk your chalks be off!
Wanky weak
Vanna was not
Warm to beat;  "I'll warm you".
Wart to tipple over.
Was you? were you?
Wash out sediment or stone where coal or ironstone were expected.
a human failure or exhaustion.
Wast? were you?
Welly nearly
Wench girl or young woman
Whack smart blow.
Whacker tall story;  big lie.
What "it's him what did it".
Whatever "whatever tha dust tha munna (musna) move".
What suffice what's the use.
Whelt past tense of wheel.
While "I can't a while"  I haven't time;  while away the time,  soing something whilst waiting for something.
Whistle wet your whistle,  have a drink.
Winding to wander aimlessly.
Wise contrary-wise : ways.
Wishy-washy squashy
Wole whole.
Wom it go home!
Won't will not.
Wooden hills going upstairs to bed.
Woots oats.
Word "my word"  just fancy;  "he did, my word".
Wost, worst were you.
Wrostle wrestle.
Wun will
Wunna will not
Wut will you.


Yarbs herbs.
Yaup loud in speech.
Yed head.
Yelly Heleigh  (place name).
Yen Endon  (place name)
Yern,  yarn a heron
Youther youths

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