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You are very welcome to email me with questions, comment, contributions about Stoke-on-Trent (the North Staffordshire Potteries):

email: Steve Birks



Questions you may be asking:

can I send you pictures?
Yes - photos are always very welcome - I can add them to the web site.
If you are send pictures of pottery then always send a picture of the mark on the bottom of the ware, it is more important for identification than the ware itself. 

Pictures of people, buildings and places from Stoke-on-Trent and the surrounding area are very useful.

why haven't I had a reply?

a) I always try to answer every email but I receive lots of emails every week and occasionally one or two go astray (or sometimes I'm on holiday). If you haven't had a reply after a couple of weeks then send me a (nice) reminder.
If you have not had a reply then check that your return email address is correct, here's how:

In Microsoft email select the menu 'Tools' then follow: 'accounts' 'properties' 'general' and then make sure your full email address is in the 'reply address' box. (it will be a similar process with other email systems)

b) Your computer may have a virus (& you don't know about it!) - my virus checker deletes emails with viruses and so you may not get a response - if you haven't got virus software then I suggest you get something like Norton anti-virus. (Only about 30 from PC World - and well worth the money) 

c) I have found that some TV email systems do not accept return mail (especially WebTV) - I get a message to say that the mail could not be delivered due to the 'anti-spam' system - I don't know how overcome this.


can I get help with family history?
My time is limited so I can't do in-depth research (there are some resources on this site - see 'family history')
If I can then I will take photos of houses / streets for you - just ask.