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Is the pottery you have the real thing, a copy or fake?

NOTE: My opinion is that these items are not William Lowe and are not English - but that is only my opinion - you need to form your own.

These crackled porcelain and bronze pieces are / have been offered as two incorrect names & dates.....

"Antique items of William Lowe manufacture"  NOTE: William Lowe was an English china manufacturer operating at the Sydney works, Longton, Stoke-on-Trent during the period 1874-1931. [ on William Lowe]

"William Lowe Art Nouveau French collection c. 1920"

It appears that this ware is not English or French and it is not antique or old - it is manufactured by Wong Lee (since 1995) ..... "Wong Lee International Company of Hong Kong, specifically Wong Lee Productions Co. This mark has been used on exports since 1999."  "was founded in 1995 and has been exporting since around 1999. 'WL' stands for Wong Lee and the '1895' is in commemoration of the end of the war between Japan and China ... exactly 100 years before Wong Lee Productions was founded."

This ware is well made, heavy, nice bronze - so if you want to buy it as an attractive item then that is OK - however it is highly likely that it is not old, not, English, not French and not an expensive antique.


WL 1895

Crackled porcelain with Bronze handles and mount
on the base is the WL 1895 mark as shown above.

This mark has been erroneously attributed to the William Lowe Pottery of England,
but actually represents a subsidiary of the Wong Lee Int. Co., Hong Kong.,
founded in 1995.  

From the "" web site - specialising in antique Chinese and Japanese porcelain

"WONG LEE" (Unconfirmed)

Modern Chinese porcelain mark said to be made by the "Wong Lee" (WL) company. They are not copies of anything, it is just a company in China who is making pieces on the style of Napoleon III. Always with crackled grounds and with bronze (ormulu) fittings. A rumor that has it that this mark should be of "William Lowe", is incorrect. There are no similarities in type of wares or with any marks used by Wm Lowe. The date 1895 is unrelated to the date of the piece but is among other things the date of the end of the war between Japan and China. The exact whereabouts of this WL company is unknown until further.


"Wong Lee" (WL) company, found on porcelain in the style of Napoleon III.
Date: Modern, probably 2000-2005.

NOTE: all the information is given in good faith and believed to be correct -
however if you are going to use it for the basis of valuations, purchases
or sales then you must verify it from independent, qualified sources.