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Red Gate Inn - Trentham Road
Dresden - Longton

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There had been a public house called the Red Gate Inn in the area since the 18th century.

This stood on the Trentham Road on what is now the corner of Sutherland Avenue. The occupier was a tenant of the Leveson-Gower family of Trentham Hall and the public house was run in conjunction with a farm. In the early 19th century this public house was noted a a venue for bull-baiting, dog-fighting and other bloodthirsty “sports” which were held at the time of Trentham wakes and which attracted a large number of spectators from the Potteries.

Eventually the Duke of Sutherland closed the public house in the middle of the 19th century and the building was renamed “Sutherland Cottage”.

In the early 1870s the name “Red Gate” was adopted by G B Martin who opened a beerhouse in a terrace house in Russell Street, Dresden.