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Saggar Maker's Bottom Knocker

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A SAGGAR is a fireclay box for holding ware during firing.


A SAGGAR is a fireclay container, usually oval or round, used to protect pottery from marking by flames and smoke during firing in a bottle oven.

The SAGGAR MAKER, is a skilled man, producing the finished saggar, using his thumb to make a near join between the side and the base. on Saggar Makers

The BOTTOM KNOCKER (a young boy) made the base of the saggar from a lump of fireclay which he knocked into a metal ring using a wooden mallet or mawl (pronounced mow). 


A frame-filler and a bottom-knocker at work side by side in the early 1900's
A filled bottom ring on a shord (metal plate) sits on a lump of marl in the foreground.


Pottery lads in 1921 with two mawls, 
(the tool used for bottom knocking)