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War Memorial, Burslem

Swan Square
Heritage No.
10059 A
Date Listed
31 May 2001
Building: First World War memorial
Location: STOKE ON TRENT Swan Square, Burslem
Description:  First World War memorial. c. 1920. Pink sandstone ashlar.

The figure of a soldier dressed in World War I uniform
appears on the front face of the square-sectioned memorial.
He stands within a shallow niche, holding his gun end downwards.
His head is bare, and his hat lies next to his right foot.

First World War memorial. c. 1920. Pink sandstone ashlar.

Rectangular on plan, in the form of a large pedestal with a moulded plinth, a moulded cornice and a niche in the front containing a figure of a soldier with a bowed head, a rifle and helmet.

Above the niche the date 1914-1918. Around the memorial an area is chained off by small stone piers linked by chains.

Architect: C G Cowlishaw
Stonemason: W.A.R.Mellor Ltd
Sculptor: C Wallett

The Burslem coat of arms appears on the rear
face of the monument, above the inscription.


on Burslem War Memorial

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