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The Middleport Pottery
The Middleport Pottery
pen drawing by Neville Malkin - Oct 1975

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Bottle Kiln at the Middleport Pottery

Port Street
Heritage No.
104 A
Date Listed
20 August 1979
Building: Bottle Oven in the Middleport Pottery
Location: STOKE ON TRENT SJ8649SW PORT STREET, Middleport, Burslem
Description:  Updraught bottle oven, part of the Middleport Pottery

Bottle oven at Middleport Pottery
Bottle oven at Middleport Pottery


Sid Kirkham

A series of workshop buildings arranged within the rear yard still enables the original production process to be traced, with the former engine house to the east, the preparation and making areas adjacent and to the north, and the single surviving biscuit kiln at the centre of the site, with a broad circular hovel.

 (Stoke-on-Trent Historic Buildings Survey).

Burgess & Leigh Middleport Factory - Bottle Oven
photo:  Linden Cooke  Nov 2002

photo: Chris Oldham - 2007

Middleport Potteries
Sid Kirkham


the Middleport Pottery is also a listed building

you can take a "walk" around the Middleport Pottery works

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