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Allied Insulators works & bottle oven, Hanley

Lichfield Street
Heritage No.
Date Listed
25 September1979
Building: Bottle Oven and enclosing buildings
Description:  Mid 19C Potters updraught oven, circular hovel, encased kiln

Range and updraught kiln
Range and updraught kiln

photo: Mr Brian Peach - April 2001

photo: Chris Oldham - 2007

the Bullers bottle kiln is now incorporated in a residential complex
on the City Waterside development.

Pot bank owned and operated by Bullers.

Use of site goes back to c.1860, but subject to periodic re-building thereafter. Brick with plain tiled roofs.

Surviving buildings grouped on 3 sides of a court, with 3-storeyed range of 6 bays forming western range with casement type windows with cambered heads, and a lower 2-storeyed range of 3 bays adjoining.

The updraught bottle oven is contained within a 2-storeyed range across the north of the complex, possibly built somewhat earlier than the advanced wings. Eastern wing of 2 storeys, the ground floor partly open.

Formerly Listed as: LICHFIELD STREET, Hanley Bottle kiln in rear yard of premises occupied by Allied Insulators Ltd.)

In 1870 directory listed as manufacturing:
"manufacturers of earthenware, thimble cockspurs, stilts, pins, cup rings, claws, and every sort of placing goods for potters' use, china, mortice, rim, and latch furniture, finger plates, shutter, drawer, and centre knobs, vitrified castor bowls, and every description of china for the brassfounders, cabinet, and metallic bedstead trades, &c., insulators, battery plates, cells, and all kinds of electric telegraph ware, mortars, pestles, &c."

Buller had a number of partners and the company was variously listed as:

Buller & Co.,
Wentworth William Buller,
W.W. Buller & Co,
W.W. Buller, Mugford & Co.
Buller, Jobson & Co,
Buller, Jobson & Co. Ltd.,
Buller & Mugford, 
Buller, Mugford & Draycott
Bullers Ltd.


Buildings undergoing refurbishment

photo: Steve Birks  - Oct 1999

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