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William Adams


William Adams & Sons (& Co) marks page 3    
c.1910 - onwards 


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Description & date

This Jonroth mark was used continually from c.1910

JONROTH had a 61 year relationship with the factory of William Adams & Sons. 

In 1892, John H Roth made his first visit to the Factory of William Adams & Sons. This began a relationship that was to last up to and after the time of the Wedgwood takeover (in 1966). The name of JONROTH is more closely associated with Adams than any other manufacturer.

In 1967 Alfred Meakin supplied Jonroth ware.

printed mark c1913+

the registration number 623294 dates from 1913



standard printed marks 1914-40

W. Adams & Sons

printed mark c.1920's

'Italian Scenery' is the pattern name



impressed mark on Jasper ware


printed mark:


Printed mark 1950+
printed mark 1950+
printed mark c1962+

printed mark 1962+

"Calyx Ware" and "MICRATEX" are trade names.

'MICRATEX' is the name for a extra string ware introduced in 1963


printed mark c.1966+

Marks used after Adams became part of the Wedgwood group



printed mark of 1978


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