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"Who's Who in Staffordshire"

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THE COUNTY OF STAFFORD has long been without printed. records of its leading inhabitants and has neglected to preserve permanent data respecting the men and women who have conducted the County's affairs and who have administered its religious, professional and business life.

By the compilation of "Who's Who in Staffordshire" this omission is rectified.
An earnest endeavour has been made to make this publication accurate and complete. In a work of its kind, however, there will be unavoidable omissions. In deference to the wishes of those few, who, for personal or other reasons, have not desired their names to appear, their inclusion has been carefully avoided.

It is a pleasure to record our thanks to the many who have supplied valuable information to make this work possible. The pre-publication reception has been far in excess of our most sanguine expectations.

It has been our desire to make this work worthy of the County. On all hands the indications shew that this has been achieved and that "Who's Who in Staffordshire" will find its place in the homes of those who are concerned with the history, public life and welfare of the County.



"Who's Who in Staffordshire" 1934