Gladstone Pottery, Uttoxeter Road, Longton

Gladstone History

of Gladstone
Frontage on Uttoxeter Road (was the High St)
Frontage on Uttoxeter Road (previously called the High St)

By 1787  a large and thriving manufacturing concern had been established on a site to the south of Lane End, adjoining the recently turnpiked road to Uttoxeter. 
It is on part of this site that the Gladstone Pottery Museum now stands. 

Looking down Uttoxeter Road - note the chimneys through the roof.


Looking down Uttoxeter Road.

It is to Thomas Cooper that we owe the present appearance of the potbank. Evidently under Cooper the business thrived; by the 1850s he was employing 41 adults and 26 children in the production of china and parian figures. In 1853 he purchased the masterís house in Chadwick Street. In 1856 he demolished the old houses fronting the High Street; rebuilding followed at once. A Deed of Second Mortgage between Thomas Cooper and John Hendley Sheridan dated 7th February 1857 refers to the two newly built houses and workshops against the High Street.... Ďat present unfinished and unoccupied...í

Rear of Gladstone Pottery.


Rear of Gladstone Pottery looking from Chadwick Street.

Chadwick Street was where the owner Sheridan lived before his tenant Thomas Cooper demolished it. 

Flint Kiln at Gladstone. Flint Kiln at Gladstone.

Photos taken October 1999 - S.C.Birks

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