Victoria Place, Fenton - junction of Victoria Road, City Road & King Street.

of Fenton

The Baker family of potters occupied the factories along the present City road since at least the beginning of the 19thC. 
They were probably responsible for the row of early cottages adjoining it on the lower side.

The triangular development centred around Victoria Place and shown on this page was in contrast to those earlier cottages. These houses reflect the wealth and status which the Baker family had achieved in the locality. Around 50 houses were built which replaced old humble brick and tile dwellings.

Victoria Place, Fenton
Victoria Place, Fenton
City Road to the left leads to Stoke.  King Street to the right leads to Longton.

King Street is the area which used to be known as Lane Delph.

The new houses, as shown in the photographs, were elaborate High Victorian ones, in orange-red brick with fašades rich in relief decoration.

Inside however the houses were fairly typical of the later nineteenth century. 



The white painted building is now a restaurant. 

Corner of Victoria Road & Hitchman Street, Fenton
Corner of Victoria Road & Hitchman Street, Fenton

Hitchman Street, Fenton
Hitchman Street, Fenton


Part of the Baker housing development, Hitchman Street adjoins Fountain Street which ran past one of the Baker pottery factories.


Except where noted photos taken November 1999 - S.C.Birks
Information source: Potworks - Diane Barker.

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