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St. John's Square  (Burslem) Stoke-on-Trent
Baines Family House
(Number 6 on Map)


Baines Family House
Photo: S Birks (Jan 2000)
Bottom of St. John's Square 

In Arnold Bennett's novel "Old Wives Tale" the shop on the left was home of the Baines Family with the sisters Constance and Sophia.

NOTE: In Bennett's novels St. John's Sq. became St. Lukes Sq.

The street just visible on the extreme left is William Clowes Street. This street used to be Church Street and ran right down to Enoch Street which ran along the perimeter of St. John's Church.

Nowadays William Clowes Street ends by Johnson Matthey Tableware works.


1909 picture of St.John's Square taken from Fountain Place.

The buildings at the bottom are (left to right) Longson's, Lovatt's (Tailors & Outfitters) and The Masons Arms.

The street at bottom right with the terraced houses visible was Hanover Street - this street and the area around it has been cleared and now Woodbank Street  replaces it and forms part of the Burslem ring road.

On the right of the square are two public houses, at the top is Duke William and part way down is The Bull's Head.


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1963 aerial photo of Burslem


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