Whieldon Road - Stoke (Fenton)


Wheeldon Road (as it was incorrectly spelt on the map below) used to run from Church Street (at the back of the grounds of St.Peters graveyard) through to Mount Pleasant.
The bottom section of Whieldon Road is now part of the A500 dual carriageway. 


The Colonial Pottery Works

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1898 map of Wheeldon Road, Stoke

1898 map of Wheeldon Road, Stoke showing Winkle and Wood's Colonial Pottery.

Winkle & Co moved here in from Hanley in 1889 specifically because of it's proximity to the canal and railway (the canal was still regarded as important this late in the 19thC.) and opened their 'imposing as well as pleasing' factory off Whieldon Road (named after Fenton's great pioneer potter but spelt incorrectly on this map).


Winkle and Wood's factory situated alongside the Trent and Mersey canal on the side shown and the North Staffordshire Railway on the opposite.

In the foreground is Wieldon Road.

The inscription on the pediment reads:

Winkle and Wood
Colonial Pottery

On the pediment on the Wieldon Road side is recorded the Architect as 'Elisha Jones, Hanley' and the Builder as 'Charles Cope, Tunstall'

Behind the Colonial Pottery was a Brick Works.


Photos taken October 1999 - S.C.Birks
The Colonial Pottery works were demolished c.2000

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