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Hall Field, Festing Street, Hanley - Porcelain Tile Co.

The Hall Field Works at Festing Street, Hanley was built in 1882 and operated by the Whittaker partnerships - producing earthenware. 

Subsequently the works were operated by T & R Boote - in 1947 it was purchaed by Richards Tiles - at that time it manufactured about three thousand square yards per week of unglazed floor tile.


view of the Hall Field Works, Festing Street, Hanley
view of the Hall Field Works, Festing Street, Hanley



view from Grafton Street
view from Grafton Street


typical potworks entrance
typical potworks entrance



Hall Field
Hall Field

Festing Street
Festing Street


Festing Street

(61, St. John Street)


Porcelain Tile Company, tile manufacturers

37 Webster, Arthur, traveller 

39 Chapel, A ., French polisher 

41 Wightman, J., platelayer 

43 Appleby, James, agent 

45 Harding, Mrs. S. A. 

47 Palmer, James, cabman 

59 Llewellyn, Hugh, clerk

 61 Prime, William, fruiterer 

63 Tildsley, Hy., pawnbroker 

65 Poole, A ., saggar maker 

67 Shenton, John, manager

69 Jones,D.E.,tea merchant 

71 Willshaw, J., grocer's assistant 

73 Dunkley, F.,bricklayer

75 Jones, Thomas, miner 

77 Harvey, H ., boiler tenter 

79 Hibbert, George

Here is St . John Street  

10 Scarlett, A . V ., postman 

14 Slack, Wm., carter 

16 Hughes, A . W., caretaker 

18 Cornes, Geo. T ., miner 

20 Bowler, G ., police sergeant 

22 Amos, James, miner

24 Brimmer, A., potter's turner 

26 Minor , Mrs . C . 

28 Heath, Albert, engine man 

30 Shufflebotham, R ., potter's printer 

32 Wood, S ., potter's packer 

34 Webb, Daniel, potter 

36 Minor, Wm., potter 

38 Webb, Sydney, gasman

40 Wood, John, Warehouseman

42 King, John, General dealer

44 Wallis, J. C., manual instructor

46 Clarke, Wm., brush manufacturer

48 Mitchell Wm., compositor

50 Goldsmith, John, Groom

52 Humphreys, Edward, clerk 

54 Williams, W ., confectioner 

56 Davies, David, cratemaker 

58 Ousman, W.H., plumber

60 Baggaley, W., potter's packer 

64Thomas, Win.,joinerand  builder 

64 Oakden, Mrs. H .


Here is St. John Street





contents: 2011 photos



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