150 years of the Shelton Works



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150 Years of the Shelton works

150 Years of the Shelton works
The cover picture:
This stainless steel statue of a steelworker stands outside the Hanley Museum and carries the inscription, 

"I believe in the dignity of labour. Whether with head or hand. That the World owes no man a living, but that it owes every man an opportunity
to make a living.

Created to commemorate the struggle by the Shelton steelworkers to preserve

the future of their Works for the community.

 Sculpture: Colin Melbourne

Cast in stainless steel by:
R. Goodwin & Sons (Engineers) Ltd


p.1 'blowing in' of first furnace - January 1841
p.2 Granville Levison Gower
p.3 Etruria Valley (prior to 1840)
p.4 Granville George Levison Gower
p.5 18th C. blast furnace
p.6 Furnaces in North Staffordshire
p.7 Puddling furnace
p.8 Coal pits
p.9 development of the site
p.10 silver medal - Paris 1855
p.11 four Etruria blast furnaces
p.12 registration of Shelton Iron & Steel Co  
p.13 installation of steel furnaces
p.14 Shelton Iron Steel & Coal Co
p.15 1892 - two new steel furnaces built
p.16 railway links
p.17 1905 - three more steel furnaces
p.18 Coking ovens
p.19 Purchase of new collieries
p.20 Summers take over of Shelton
p.21 Building of new blast furnaces
p.22 1924-1978 supply of iron
p.23 General Strike 1926
p.24 Horizontal Charging system
p.25 development of coking ovens in 1930's 40's
p.26 Nationalisation
p.27 1950 Aerial view of works
p.28 Kaldo steelmaking plant
p.29 Strand casters
p.30 June 1964 new steel plant started
p.31 Aerial photo of the site in early 1960's
p.32 closure of coking plant & 18" mill
p.33 Blast furnace production finished 1978
p.34 Rolling mill supplied by Scunthorpe
p.35 photos of rolling mills
p.36 acknowledgements 


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