Bisque Ware

Bisque Ware

'Bisque' of 'biscuit' porcelain is simply the once-fired body without the addition of glaze.

Bisque figures and groups were popular on the Continent in the 18th century, and in England the Derby factory produced tasteful examples from c.1770.

It is noteworthy that such pieces were more expensive than the same model which had been glazed and coloured because the bisque examples had to be perfect in every respect.

Several early 19th century factories produced charming biscuit figures, groups and animals, until the new, creamy coloured Parian body became fashionable in the 1840's.

14" High Bisque Figurine
14" High Bisque Figurine, Woman in Long Dress 
with Parasol and Bonnet, Decorated in Yellow and 
Light to Dark Pink Pastels on the Front.

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