Etruria: Etruria and Josiah Wedgwood (1760 onwards)


 The Trent and Mersey Canal - the journey to the sea


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The journey to the sea - northwards to Liverpool and the Irish sea and onto America, southwards to joint the section of the River Trent which is navigable and then to Hull and the North Sea. 

On the Trent & Mersey canal - the bridge the canal
runs under carried the Shelton steel works railway
line joining the two sides of the works.


The illustration above c.1860 shows the entrance to 
the branch canal under the canal bridge on the right.


Today at the position of the Wedgwood works stands
the Sentinel newspaper press. 

The canal was widened and moved at this point by the 
Shelton steel works in order to allow them to expand the
rolling mills area of the works.



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