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1882 advert showing Forester ware

T Forester Rosebud chintz shell dish which has the Phoenix China backstamp for C.1930-1959. This shell dish measures 4 1/2 inches and is in beautiful condition with a bright golden chintz with attractive rosebud design.


This vase is 14 1/2" tall, and the base and flat top are 3 1/2" across. It is heavily glazed, and you can feel the raised places where the designs are painted onto it. It has a portrait of an Oriental-looking individual on it, and lush flowers. It is basically black, with the top lip and inner color of apricot, and gold and avacado flowers, with gilt on the portrait, and on the designs on the vase. 

The mark indicates it was made by Thomas Forester's pottery  On the bottom of the base, from the center out, it is apricot color except for a rim of unfinished porcelain(?) on which is pencilled some word or words, illegible. The mark on this piece is a phoenix with outspread wings, and a ray of upright lines between the wingtips, of irregular heights. The wording says:"TS&S Ltd. ENGLAND (in capital letters) under the bird, and over it is, (an artist's signature?) RBRANDT in capital letters. Part of the TS&S is obliterated by a stylis marked number 147

Decorated floral design with brown, yellow, orange, green and blues is highlighted in gold. Both the cup and saucer are marked Phoenix China, T F & S Ltd, Made in England. This is the mark of Thomas Forester & Sons of Longton, Staffordshire. The cup is hand numbered 2549 and has markings left by the artist.


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