Waterways of Stoke-on-Trent - Newcastle Branch Canal





This shows the start of the Newcastle to Stoke canal with the wharf identifed as "Wf" - the dashed line with the date 1798 would have been the connection (via an inclined plane) to the Junction Canal - this was never built.

The Canal Extension Railway was built in 1854 to connect to the NSR railway system


1898 OS map of Newcastle
1898 OS map of Newcastle

Showing the canal terminus at Brook Lane and its connection with the railway system. The canal leaves Newcastle running alongside London Road. The red square marks the public house the "Boat and Horses"

The terminus of the Newcastle Canal was close to Brook Lane. 

As a testimony to the canal a pub named the Boat & Horses still stands near the former basin though the basin itself was converted into railway sidings many years ago. Although still extant in 1971 these sidings have also now been removed and are occupied by a supermarket.

The Boat and Horses pub in Stubbs Lane  
The Boat and Horses pub in Stubbs Lane

photo: March 2003

The canal left the town centre heading south east on the west side of London Road (A34). Where Occupation Street leaves London Road is the spot which would have been the bottom of the inclined plane (had it been built). Near here is the newly developed Lyme Valley Park - Lyme Brook runs to the west of the canal line.

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