Waterways of Stoke-on-Trent - Newcastle Branch Canal





1890 OS Map showing Trent Vale section of the canal
1890 OS Map showing Trent Vale section of the canal
as it crosses the A34 at the bottom of the map

A couple of minor roads crossed the canal as it ran south close to the A34. One such minor road (apparently) still has a swing bridge crossing the cut. 

at a housing development built after the canal had closed
one of the streets was named "Bridge Road"


At Trent Vale the canal curved south west for a hundred yards or so and then curved back round to head east under the A34. The crossing point on the main road was about way between the B5041 (London Road - heading north east towards Stoke) and the big A34/A500 roundabout. 
At Oak Hill the dry bed of the canal can be found behind The Cottage pub.

On the east side of the A34 the canal continued east till it nearly reached the River Trent. When the canal reached the old A5006 it turned again and headed north east into Boothen. The canal route pulled away from the Trent until it came close to the B5041 London Road into Stoke. 

In Boothen the line of the canal can still be seen where it is grassed over alongside this London Road.

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