Phoenix and Bell Works, Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent


From To Occupier Comments
1832 1939 Reed and Clementson The back part of the Phoenix Works was originally part of John and Edward Baddeley's Broad Street Works (later taken by the Ashworth Brothers), which it adjoined. 
1839   Joseph Clementson Clementson became sole proprietor of Phoenix Works
1845   Joseph Clementson Phoenix Works were enlarged.
1856   Joseph Clementson Purchase the Bell works (formerly William Ridgways) on the other side of the road, opposite the Phoenix Works.
1867     (?1864) Joseph Clementson retired.
1867 1916 Clementson Brothers Business continued by four sons.

Dates predominantly taken from "Jewitt's Ceramic Art of Great Britain 1800-1900"


Scriven classed the Clementson works as class 2:

"The second class form by far the most numerous, and are of greater or less extent, having from 50 to 800 hands engaged; most of them have been erected many years, and as the trade has increased, so the rooms appear to have increased in a corresponding ratio. Some here and there, upon, around, and about the first premises, so that there is neither order; regularity, nor proportion; the consequence of this is, that men, women, and children are to be seen passing in and out, to and fro, to their respective departments all hours of the say, no matter what the weather, warm, cold, wet, or dry; the rooms, with very few exceptions. are either low, damp, close, small, dark, hot, dirty, ill ventilated, or unwholesome, or have all these disadvantages."

See Scriven's 1840 report

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