Glebe Street Works, Stoke-upon-Trent

Glebe Street Works and Wharf Street Works These two manufactories belonged to Robin son & Leadbeater and were confined to the production of Parian goods, of which they were among the largest producers. The Glebe Street Works were commenced in 1850 by a clever Italian figure-modeller named Giovanni Meli, who produced fine groups and single figures till 1865, when he sold the business, plant, moulds and machinery to Robinson & Leadbeater and returned to Italy with the intention of commencing a terra-cotta manufactory. This he relinquished, mainly through lack of a suitable native clay or marl for the making of his saggers, and went to Chicago, where he succeed ed in his wishes and established a manufactory of the kind he attempted in Italy.

From To Occupier Comments
1850 1865 Giovanni Meli  
1865   Robinson & Lead beater Robinson & Lead beater operated 1865-1924 and it is not sure how long they continued at the Glebe Street Works.
1898 1922 James Smith James Smith could have share the works with Robinson & Lead beater - this was a very common practice.


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