F Winkle & Co (Ltd)


Location and period of operation:

F Winkle & Co (Ltd) 




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Earthenware manufacturer at the Colonial Pottery, Whieldon Road, Stoke, Stoke-on-Trent.

Factory built as Winkle and Wood in 1888.

In 1888 Winkle and Wood jointly opened the Colonial Pottery Works in Whieldon Road on the border of Stoke and Fenton.
In 1890 F. Winkle continued on his own at the Colonial Pottery and Wood continued at the Pearl Pottery works, Hanley.



Initials used on ware for identification:

F W & Co



early mark
without the place of origin:- "ENGLAND"

VERSAILLE is the pattern name

19th century brown transfer ware ironstone vase in the 
Aesthetic Movement pattern "Versaille" by F. Winkle & Co. 
It stands 5" high and 2 1/2" wide at the mouth of the vase.

picture: courtesy of Oak Leaf Antiques.


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