Art Pottery Co


Location and period of operation:

Art Pottery Co


Jan 1899


Earthenware manufacturer at the Anchor Works, Brewery Street, Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent

  • William Cooper had been in partnership with Louis Physick, trading as Physick & Cooper. In 1899 Physick left the business and Cooper continued the business as Art pottery Co - but continued to trade as Physick & Cooper.


Previously: Physick & Cooper

Subsequently: Cooper's Art Pottery Co


Physick & Cooper, earthenware manufacturers,
Anchor Works

from..... 1907 Staffordshire Sentinel 
'Business Reference Guide to The Potteries, Newcastle & District'



London Gazette
28 February 1911

notice of a Deed of Assignment for the benefit of creditors
of William Cooper - trading as "Physick & Cooper"




Marks  used on ware for identification:

Art Pottery Co

this style of mark was used by
subsequent companies


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