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William Baddeley




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William  Baddeley (b.1838),  Earthenware and Terra Cotta figure manufacturer, also producing rustic ware at The Drury Works, Normacot Road, Longton, Stoke-on-Trent

William Baddeley (Married Lucy Ball - 1862) after c.1879, his wife Lucy took over the works


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"Their son, William Baddeley , commenced manufacturing in the Normacot Road in 1862 and continued to 1875. His productions were rustic terra-cotta articles for floral, horticultural, useful and decorative purposes - the principal articles being fern-stands, vases, flower-stands, hyacinth pots, flower-pots, garden seats, flower baskets, crocus pots, globe-stands, brackets and inkstands.
The designs were all taken from nature, and appropriate to to the intended use of the vessel. His imitations of bark, and of various woods and plants, was remarkably good."

Jewitt's Ceramic Art of Great Britain 1800-1900.

For the sake of clarity: William Baddeley (who started manufacturing about 1720) was the father of the William Baddeley (b.1780) who operated between 1802 & 1820. The son of the second William Baddeley was also named William Baddely!! (his full name I think was "Henry William Baddeley" - b.1807) and his son was also named William Baddeley (b.1838).



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