John Maddock & Sons (Ltd)


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J Maddock & Sons (Ltd)




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Earthenware manufacturers at Newcastle Street, Dale Hall, Burslem in Stoke-on-Trent.

Maddock & Edwards
c1839-42 Maddock & Seddon
1842-55 J Maddock
1855 - 1981 John Maddock & Sons (Ltd)


1842 - 55  J. Maddock;  from c.1855-70 J. Maddock "and Son" and then from c.1870 "and Sons"

John Maddock & Sons Limited
manufacturers of
Royal Vitreous Porcelain Dinner, Tea, & Toilet Ware
Manufactories: Burslem, Staffordshire

Pottery Gazette - January 1906



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Maddock's Newcastle Street Works 



MADDOCK, John (c. 1807-77), pottery manufacturer, Burslem.

John Maddock (snr.) the son of John and Sarah Maddock, was born in Burslem and baptised on 19 July1807.

The firm of John Maddock  was founded in the 1830's in premises in Newcastle Street, Burslem. John Maddock was in partnership with Seddon from 1839 to1842. The firm made granite ware for the American market.

John Maddock required all his employees to join a sick club. He retired from the business in the1870s. John Maddock was a member of Burslem Board of Health from 1850 to1868, and was chairman and chief bailiff 1852-3 and 1854-5. When the Baths and Washhouses Act was not adopted in Burslem in 1852 John Maddock offered to build public baths at his own expense if he could be guaranteed 50 p.a. in subscriptions. He was a member of the British Anti-State Church Association. 

He married Martha nee Knowles and his children included John Maddock junior and James Maddock (see 1871 census details below). By 1871 John Maddock snr had retired and his son had taken control of the company.  He died in 1877. His widow presented the mayoral chain of Burslem in his memory in 1880.

Sources: IGI Staffs; Jewitt; Staffs. Sentinel 8 July 1916; VCH viii.


1871 Census:
dwelling place:
Alsager, Cheshire

Name birth place born position in house Occupation
John Maddock Senr abt 1808 Burslem, Staffordshire, England Head retired earthenware manufacturer
Martha Maddock abt 1808 Leigh, Lancashire, England Wife  
Margrett Maddock abt 1847 Burslem, Staffordshire, England Daughter  
Sarah Maddock abt 1842 Burslem, Staffordshire, England Daughter  
Jane Maddock abt 1850 Endon, Staffordshire, England Daughter  


1871 Census:
dwelling place:
Alsager, Cheshire

Name birth place born position in house Occupation
John Maddock Junr abt 1832 Burslem, Staffordshire, England Head earthenware manufacturer (employing 208 people) and landowner
Julia Maddock abt 1839 Kidsgrove, Staffordshire, England Wife  
Evelyn Maddock abt 1870 Alsager, Cheshire, England Daughter  
Sarah A Ash abt 1851 Kidsgrove, Staffordshire, England Servant cook, domestic servant
Pamela Heath abt 1851 Talk 'O the Hill, Staffordshire, England Servant housemaid, domestic servant
Julia Johnson abt 1858 Alsager, Cheshire, England Servant nurse, domestic servant
Joseph Machin abt 1817 Middlewich, Cheshire, England Servant gardener, domestic servant
Mary Machin abt 1818 Malpas, Cheshire, England Gardener's Wife  


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