Beswick and Son


Location and period of operation:

Beswick & Son 




China manufacturers at the Warwick Works, Longton, Stoke-on-Trent

  • In 1915 the business of Bridgett & Bates was purchased by James Wright Beswick and renamed Beswick & Son - this new business operated at the Warwick Works, Longton.  


Previously: Bridgett & Bates



Warwick China
small octagonal plate by Beswick & Son 



Marks & initials used on ware for identification:

B & S

impressed initials or used with 
printed marks
1916 -1930

printed or impressed mark


B & S

Beswick & Son operated from the Warwick Works
and used the trade name 
Warwick China  

Aldwych China
used as a trade name
1916 - 30 

NOTE: This trade name was also formerly 
used by Bridgett & Bates


Warwick Works c.1900


Warwick Works c.1938


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