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Wedgwood & Co (Ltd)


NOTE: This firm and it's marks name & ware is often mistaken for the famous Josiah Wedgwood & Sons.

Josiah Wedgwood use the name 'WEDGWOOD' and not '& CO' or '& CO LTD'.

NOTE: The '& CO' which distinguishes these marks from those of Josiah Wedgwood & Sons. 


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Wedgwood & Co (Ltd)

Manufacturer of earthenware at Tunstall c.1860-1965

Then renamed 'Enoch Wedgwood (Tunstall) Ltd'.


Description & date


impressed example - used on own

Standard name-mark used alone or incorporated in printed marks.
Used alone - impressed.


[Impressed mark also found on ware of the 1790-1801 period.]

impressed example - used with printed mark of Royal Arms

Impressed mark, "STONE GRANITE" "WEDGWOOD & Co."; 

Printed mark, one of several incorporating the name 'WEDGWOOD & CO' c.1860+

Sometimes with the words "TRADE MARK" - the addition of these words indicate a date after the Act of 1862


A newer version of the original Unicorn mark of 1860+

Note the absence of "Ld" (standing for "Limited Company" - which was added from 1900.


'Ltd' (or 'Ld') added from about 1900
Printed mark, c.1890-1906

Note: "Ld" was added to the marks from 1900

Printed mark, c1906+

- with or without "Imperial Porcelain"

Printed mark, c1908+

often with the name of the pattern or style included.


Printed mark, c1908+


Printed mark, c1925+

note: the introduction of "Estab 1835" 
It was the earlier company of Podmore, Walker & Co which was established around 1835.

Printed mark, c1925+

Printed mark, c1936+
Printed mark, c1951+

Note: the introduction of the trade name "WACOL WARE"

Printed mark, c1956+

Printed mark, c1956+

this, more modern, unicorn mark appeared with the trade names "EVERWARE" and also "WACOL" 

Printed mark, c1957+

with the trade name: "ROYAL TUNSTALL"


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