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Loco crane operating at Shelton Steel Works - built by Dubs & Co

Built in 1901 at the Glasgow Locomotive works in Polmadie to the order of the Shelton Iron & Steel Works Ltd given works number 4101, the engine has an interesting history. Built as a true crane tank, that is to say a normal steam locomotive with crane jib and auxiliary engines, the design repays close inspection. 

The 34 ton engine has 14" diameter by 22" stroke outside cylinders, single slide bars and Laird type crossheads. A slewing engine powers the jib through 360 degrees, whilst situated within the construction of the jib, a reciprocating engine gives a lifting capacity of five tons.

The boiler does not have a dome due to the restricted clearances, the regulator valve being mounted on the front tubeplate. Used as a workhorse around the steelworks complex dealing with heavy lifting, shunting and re-railing operations for no less than 72 years the engine was amongst the last of its type in industrial use. 

Receiving a new boiler from Kerr Stuart's in 1921 and conversion to oil firing in 1961 the engine left Shelton for the East Somerset Railway at Cranmore in September 1973. She was not the last steam locomotive in normal service at Shelton however, this honour being held by Bagnall 2623/1940 'HAWARDEN' in the spring of 1972.

At Cranmore "Dubsey" (for she was always caused this at Shelton) was converted back to coal firing, returned to steam and used to relay much of the railway to Merryfield. Purchased by a consortium of Foxfield members in 1998 and moved to Foxfield on the 18th of October the same year. 

Last  steamed in 1985 the engine was stripped down and underwent extensive overhaul for a return to steam in 2001 to celebrate her centenary the engine will become the worlds only operational crane tank.

For the record 4101 is a very rare beast, being only one of three preserved Dubs & Co locomotives in the UK and the only industrial survivor. In 1903 with Neilson Reid and Sharp Stewart the three firms amalgamated and the works became the "Queens Park Works" of the North British Locomotive Co

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