Timeline for T & R Boote, Burslem, Stoke-on-Trent

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Potworks occupied by T & R Boote:

From Until
Central Pottery, Burslem 1842 1870
Kiln Croft Works, Burslem sometime after 1835 1864
Waterloo Works, Burslem 1850 1963?


1842 Company founded by Thomas Latham Boote and Richard Boote at the Central Pottery, Burslem.

1850 Boote took over the Waterloo Potteries, Burslem from Thomas Edwards.

1853 Messrs Boote took out a patent for 'Certain improvements in pottery and mosaic work'.

1865 Messrs Boote started to produced unglazed pavement tiles. They took out a patent for 'Process for inlaying encaustic tiles with clay dust'.
This process was used by Boote for the manufacture of dishes and other articles in earthenware which they called "Royal Patent Ironstone". One press could make as many as 100 dozen plates in one day.

1878 Thomas Latham Boote retired September 1878 and the business was continues by Richard Boote (d.1893) with the help of the sons.

1878 'Parian was also formerly produced both in vases, jugs, groups and other objects. One of the most effective groups was that of Repentance, Faith and Resignation modelled by Mr. Gillard. all these decorative classes of goods have been discontinued by Messrs Boote who now confine themselves to the production of the ordinary white granite ware for the American market and encaustic and other glazed and unglazed pavement tiles'.

FROM: Jewill "Ceramic Art of Great Britain, 1800-1900"

1881 Kate Greenway (distinguished illustrator) drew the designs for a set of 'The Four Seasons' on tiles.

1890-1903 Boote used the impressed mark of a couchant greyhound on their wares.

couchant greyhound mark

1891 Richard Boote died.

1894 Boote's became a Limited Company.

1897 The Blackwall Tunnel, Greenwich, London was opened on 22 May 1897 and was at the time the longest underwater tunnel in the world.
T & R Boote supplied the tiles which lined this impressive tunnel.

Blackwall Tunnel Entrance
Blackwall Tunnel Entrance, 
East India Dock Road

1906 Production concentrated on tile manufacture.

1963 T & R Boote taken over by Richards Tiles (Now H & R Johnson Tiles Ltd).


Other Notes:

Richard Boote (b. about 1823/4 d. 1893)

Richard Boote lived at Bleak Hill, Cobridge, where he died on 13 September 1893.

Boote's disputed with Copelands and Mintons as to who invented parian ware.


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