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Shelton Farm Road


On the 1898 OS map of the area this was the location of 'Shelton Farm'
Spratslade Drive Longton Named after Spratslade Farm which once belonged to Sir John Boughey Fletcher. The farm was bounded on the north by the present Belgrave Road (running east-west across the map), on the west by Trentham Road, on the south by Cocknage Road, and on the east by Red Bank Lane. 
Spratslade appears on all the following maps:
William Yates map - Lane End in 1775   
Plan of the Estates of the Duke of Sutherland of Trentham Hall
1878 OS map of the Dresden, (Longton) Estate

In the middle of the 19th century this estate was bought by the Longton Freehold Land Society. Originally the Dresden estate was referred to as "Spratslade estate"