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Neville Malkin's "Grand Tour" of the Potteries

buildings of Stoke



buildings outlying the town centres

No 84 - North Staffordshire Polytechnic


No 85 - North Stafford Hotel

No 86 - Stoke Railway Station


No 87 - Stoke Town Hall

No 88 - Arches -
 St. Peter's Church

No 89 - Stoke Public Library

No 90 - Stoke School of Art
Old Methodist Chapel
No 91 -Old Methodist Chapel

No 92 -The Hide Market 

No 93 -The Staff of Life
No 94 -Spode Works

No 95 -Catholic church, Harthill Bank

No 96 -Minton Hollins Tileworks

No 97-Copeland House

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