Thomas Walters


Location and period of operation:

T Walters





China manufacturer at the Talbot Works, Commerce Street, Longton, Stoke-on-Trent, England.

  • Thomas Walters had previously been in partnership with John Hulse as Walters & Hulse. In April 1873 John Hulse left this partnership and the business was continued by Walters on his own account. 

  • "Commerce Street - The works, now carried on by Mr. Thomas Walters (late Walters & Hulse), were, he informs me, established by Messrs. Riddle & Lightfoot. The productions are china of ordinary quality for both home and export markets" Llewellyn Jewitt - 'The Ceramic Art of Great Britain' 1878. 



The London Gazette
11th April 1873

notice of the dissolution of the partnership between 
Thomas Walters and John Hulse. Thomas Walters 
continued on his own.



Thomas Walters
China Manufacturer for the Home and Shipping Trades
Specialities: - Mazarine, Blue and Gold, and Bronze, in Teas, Breakfasts, &c.
Works:- Commerce Street, Longton, Staff.

Pottery Gazette, December 1880



saucer in the York pattern 

Rd No 215726

the registration number shows that the pattern was first registered by T. Walters 
on the 26th July 1893

photos courtesy:  Rod Crowshaw


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