J.T. Dudson


Location and period of operation:

J.T. (James Thomas) Dudson




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Account of Dudsons under J.T.Dudson in an 1893 Trade Catalogue

Richard Dudson (Broad Street works) 1800 
Thomas Dudson ran the new Hope Street works from 1809-1838
James Dudson 1838-1888
J.T. (James Thomas) Dudson 1888-1889
Dudson Bros 1898 - 

James Thomas Dudson
around 1890

James Thomas Dudson married Elizabeth Ann, daughter of Robert Scrivener, the ceremony being performed at Bethesda Methodist New Connexion church in September 1864. James Thomas took over the family business on his father's (Thomas Dudson) death in 1882. 




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