Ford & Pointon Ltd.


Location and period of operation:

Ford & Pointon Ltd





Bone china manufacturer at The Norfolk Works, Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent, England.

  • Previously Pointon & Co. In 1916 the business was sold and then traded as Ford & Pointon.

  • In 1919 the business was acquired by J. A. Robinson & Sons, Ltd. (who were a holding company for a number of potteries) and from 1920 operated as a subsidiary of Cauldon Potteries Ltd. (the larger Cauldon Works were directly on the opposite bank of the Caldon Canal. 

  • As part of a reorganisation by J. A. Robinson & Sons Cauldon Potteries Ltd. was placed in receivership in 1932, the assets were sold and in 1935 (the business did continue). In 1936 Ford & Pointon also ceased operation. 

  • December 1937 a liquidator was appointed and the business dissolved. 

Previously: Pointon & Co




dinner ware in the traditional Willow Pattern 



Ford & Pointon produce crested souvenir china
this example was for the seaside town of Blackpool 



much of the output of Ford & Pointon was domestic tableware 



From c.1920 Ford & Pointon operated as a subsidiary to Cauldon Potteries Ltd.
it is evident that they produced very similar patterns

photos courtesy: Kim Barr  

Marks used on ware for identification:


this style of mark from the previous Pointon & Co
continued to be used for a couple of years (c. 1917-18) 
after the name change to Ford & Pointon


Ford & Pointon


Fords China
Ford & Pointon




Norfolk Street Works

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