Thomas Green


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Thomas Green




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At the Minerva Works, Park Street, Fenton.

Thomas Green died in 1859 and the company continued under M. Green.

Previously: Green & Richards
Subsequently: M Green & Co

"Thomas Green's father (Thomas Green senior), began the family connection with pottery making in c.1790 at Burslem. he bought the Churchyard Works in 1795 and there manufactured earthenwares. The family moved to Somerset in 1812 but Thomas junior returned to Staffordshire in 1822 and is reported to have worked for Matthew Mayer (Shelton), Mintons, Copeland and Wedgwood.

In 1833 he rented the Minerva Works, Fenton where, with four of his sons, he commenced production of bone china. Two sons were travelling salesmen, one was an artist and one became production manager. The company remained on that site for the remainder of its history.

After Thomas Green junior died in 1859 his widow, Margaret, ran the company..."
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Initials used on ware for identification:



T G 

Staffordshire knot with crown above


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