Operatives Manufactory


Location and period of operation:

Operatives Manufactory

High Street Burslem.

June 1834

December 1834

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The Operatives’ Manufactory was an early attempt to establish a potters’ co-operative venture but it ran into financial difficulty and only survived for seven months, from June to December 1834.

The Potteries Museum has a small earthenware pickle dish produced by the Operatives Manufactory - it is printed in blue underglaze decoration showing a portion of the willow pattern.


High Street Pottery
"This manufactory, also known as Union Bank through it's having been for some time worked by the Potters' Trade Union...."

Jewitt's  "Ceramic Art of Great Britian"


Initials used on ware for identification:


a scroll bearing the words:
 Operatives Manufactory High Street Burslem.


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