Read, Clementson & Anderson 


Location and period of operation:

Read, Clementson & Anderson



Sept 1836

Earthenware manufacturer at the Phoenix Works, Shelton, (Hanley) Stoke-on-Trent

  • Joseph Clementson was born on 15 July 1794 at Carrigill, Cumberland. He came to the Potteries in 1811 and worked first as a collier.

  • In 1820 he apprenticed himself to J. and W. Ridgway, and by 1832 was able to set up his own business at the Phoenix Works, Shelton, in partnership with Jonah Read. 

  • In c.1836 there was a short lived third member to the partnership when Robert Anderson joined - by 3rd September 1936 Anderson had left and Read and Clementson continued on their own. 


"The premises are second rate, with small unventilated rooms, hot, close, and uncomfortable to work in. They are well drained, but badly provided for conveniences for the sexes, being close together, and much exposed."
See Scriven report into the Potteries


Concurrently: Read & Clementson

Subsequently: Joseph Clementson

London Gazette
13 September 1836

Notice of the dissolution of the partnership between
Read, Clementson & Anderson 


Read, Clementson & Anderson plate in the Wild Rose pattern


dished plate in the Pekin pattern  

platter in the Willow pattern
marked RCA 




Initials used on ware for identification:

R C & A 


R C & A 

Pekin is the pattern name 

R C  A 

mark on Willow platter as shown above
most likely Read, Clementson, Anderson


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on the Phoenix Works 

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