Roselle Occ & Co

Occ & Co

O C & CO


Guilded porcelain style pottery 

Ware marked Occ & Co are miniatures (dolls houses style)

Ware marked OC & CO are hinged boxes (jewellry, trinket storage boxes)


This pottery is probably not made in Staffordshire or in the UK - it is likely an import from Asia.
the reasons are:-

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Occ & Co

ROSELLE is likely the pattern name

probably an import from Asia

probably an import from Asia

Note that the rope on this knot goes (left to right):
over, under, under, under, over, over

- when printed correctly is should go under and over alternately 
as this example below:

[although note that sometimes genuine Staffordshire companies got the knot wrong]

- click for more information on the Stafford Knot

storage jar
Occ & Co


miniature soup tureen
Occ & Co

miniature tea service
Occ & Co

gilt hinged box 
OC & Co


gilt hinged boxes 
OC & Co


gilt hinged egg 
OC & Co

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